Close proximity to intermodal ramps

Two major intermodal ramps make up part of the massive Cincinnati rail infrastructure.

Strategically Located

Commonwealth operates warehouses strategically located near the Sharonville and Queensgate intermodal ramps. Close proximity is crucial to reduce drayage costs between intermodal ramp and the transload warehouse. Due to Commonwealth’s nearby locations and high volume we are able to offer free container drop and discounted drayage rates to our clients.

Daily Intermodal Service

Many clients ship freight using intermodal containers. We receive 20’, 40’, 40’ HC, and 45’ intermodal containers on a daily basis. Our customer service team works closely with preferred drayage providers to ensure no intermodal containers receive costly demurrage charges. Our customers rely on us to handle the entire process from start to finish including:

  • Coordination of intermodal container pick-up at the rail ramp
  • Scheduling of local drayage including container drop or live unload
  • Confirmation of intact seal and load integrity
  • Communication of goods received report
  • Return of the empty intermodal container to the ramp

Pallets and Floor Loading

Commonwealth can transload palletized and floor-loaded intermodal containers. If the intermodal container is floor-loaded our warehousemen can unload quickly and efficiently using expandable skate rollers, load stands, and other material handling equipment. Floor-loaded cartons are unloaded by hand, sorted by SKU, palletized, and stretch wrapped for security before being put into storage.

Quality Assurance

Our warehousemen perform a blind receiving report of all inbound freight. Our customer service team then compares this report to the advanced shipping notice (ASN) or packing list to ensure count accuracy. If a discrepancy is confirmed we immediately notify our customer. The same goes for damage. If we open an intermodal container and see the freight has been damaged during transit we take digital pictures, notify the customer, and proceed as instructed.

Utilizing intermodal container transportation is both efficient and cost-effective. A Midwest hub like Cincinnati provides a central location that allows for easy rail access to any major US port.