Expertise Serving the Automotive Industry

Commonwealth has major experience servicing the Automotive industry. We understand the unique challenges automotive suppliers face. Our sales team can create a custom solution that is cost-effective and tailored to your specific business. We pride ourselves on being incredibly flexible in order to meet variable delivery windows, Just-In-Time operations, and reliable 24/7/365 coverage. We have never and will never cause a production line to go down!

Automotive Industry Experience

Our team has experience with a wide variety of Automotive supplier clients. We have stored and distributed the following products:

·        Brake drums

·        Brake rotars

·        Brake pads

·        Vinyl seat covering

·        Filtration units

·        Stepper & Servo motors

·        Windshield wipers

·        Oils & Lubricants

·        Antifreeze

We have partnered with automotive supplier clients both big and small. We successfully implemented a 240,000 square foot dedicated auto parts distribution center from initial concept to full operation. We have worked with suppliers who shipped directly to assembly lines. We have operated daily truck routes running between our warehouses, the client, and the end user. We have even stored finished vehicles.


Strategic Location

Commonwealth has warehouses in Greater Cincinnati strategically located near major automotive production facilities and automotive suppliers. Over 80% of the light vehicle production in the United States is located within 600 miles of Cincinnati making it an excellent centralized hub for logistics support operations. This close proximity helps clients significantly reduces transportation costs and transit time. Same-day delivery is available at all of our locations 24/7/365. Below is a short list of nearby automotive production facilities:

·        Ford Sharonville Plant, Sharonville OH (3 miles)

·        Honda Plant, Greensburg IN (63 miles)

·        Toyota Motor Plant, Georgetown KY (73 miles)

·        Honda Plant, Marysville OH (104 miles)

Additionally, our warehouses are located near large intermodal facilities. We are less than 10 miles away from the rail ramp in Cincinnati. Being located near the yard reduces drayage costs and allows for quick container turning. Many steamship lines allow containers to be dropped versus live-unloaded due to our facilities being so close. Commonwealth can help clients avoid demurrage charges and lower their overall freight forwarding rates due to this faster turnaround.

Emergency Coverage

We provide 24/7/365 emergency coverage to time-critical clients. We understand how costly a production line shutdown would be for your business. We guarantee availability and delivery capability after hours, on weekends, and even holidays for a simple flat fee. You can rely on us to have you covered in the event of an emergency.