Truckload / LTL

Strategic partnerships with shared volume discounts

The majority of freight ships in and out of Commonwealth by truck. We pride ourselves on our quick truck turnaround time. Our customer service staff maintains a flexible dock schedule system ensuring drivers with an appointment will never have to wait long to get loaded at our warehouses.

Cost Effective Freight Options

Commonwealth has excellent freight programs in place designed to give our customers a cost-effective shipping option. We have a nationwide LTL discount program that allows us to easily shop the best freight rate for LTL loads. We also have strategic partnerships with truckload providers. Whether it’s a local shuttle or a nationwide shipment we have a truckload solution in place.

Strategic Partnerships

Our large freight volume ensures all major LTL carriers make a daily stop at Commonwealth. Our staff develops a rapport with the drivers, their dispatch, and knows the time they typically arrive. This familiarity benefits our customers when the inevitable exception occurs. We have the good working relationship with LTL carriers to schedule a second pick-up, to get them to stop by later in the day, or to turn around product at the last minute.

Capabilities to Suit Your Needs

Commonwealth also owns several box trucks used for local pick-ups and deliveries. Our fleet of 26’ box trucks typically has a 10,000 LBS limit and a range of 100 miles. Additionally we have a 2-ton delivery van for smaller shipments or emergency runs.

All Commonwealth warehouses have standard loading docks and ground level drive-out capabilities. We even have the ability for indoor unloading of flatbeds. Our warehouses are equipped with dock levelers, dock curtains, and wheel chocks for safe loading. Some sites even offer drop lot storage and overnight parking for long-haul drivers.