Contract Warehousing

Comprehensive solutions with volume and term discounts

Commonwealth provides dedicated contract warehousing for clients who need a comprehensive, long-term logistics solution.

Our contract warehousing solutions typically involves:

  • Lease of a dedicated facility or bulk rental of space within an existing facility for a term of at least one year.
  • Complete staffing including warehousemen, clerical support, and management.
  • Operation of our 3PLink WMS or implementation of the client’s preferred system.
  • Deployment and fleet management of all material handling equipment.
  • Installation of security system, pest controls, cameras, and pallet racking system.
  • Warehouse layout optimization for maximum efficiency.
  • Implementation of all pertinent KPI and quality systems for continual improvement.
  • Freight management of Full Truckload, LTL, Rail, Intermodal Containers, and local shuttle services.

Affordable Solutions That Suit Your Business

Unless specified in your RFQ, we offer clients the option of a variable rate structure, a fixed management fee, or a hybrid of the two depending on the business scope. We pride ourselves on finding creative solutions. Our goal is to forge a long-term relationship with all our clients and become a true logistics partner. We believe helping clients determine what method is most cost-effective is a great foundation for this partnership.

Commonwealth has extensive experience implementing contract warehousing solutions. Our first opportunity to manage a dedicated contract warehouse was brought to us by Procter & Gamble. We contracted with P&G to manage a support warehouse in Greenville, North Carolina, which we operated for four years. Our success with the NC project led to another opportunity in Oxnard, California, where we ran contract operations for both P&G and Pepsi Cola North America for over a decade. Since 1993 we have implemented nearly a dozen successful contract warehousing operations.

Successful Contract Warehousing History

  • 1992 P&G (Greenville NC)
  • 1997 P&G (Oxnard CA)
  • 1998 P&G (Cincinnati OH)
  • 1998 Pepsi (Oxnard CA)
  • 1999 Boise Cascade (Cincinnati OH)
  • 1999 Qualis Automotive (Hebron KY)
  • 2007 Ingersoll-Rand (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2013 Emery Oleochemicals (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2013 WestRock (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2014 Altanta (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2015 Appvion (Cincinnati OH & Kansas City MO)
  • 2016 Craft Brew Alliance (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2017 Appvion (Appleton WI)
  • 2019 Boston Beer (Cincinnati OH)
  • 2020 Kost USA (Cincinnati OH)


Why Outsource Logistics?

Outsourcing logistics allows for a company to reduce its costs while being able to refocus on its core business functions. Selecting the right 3PL to run a contract warehouse is crucial. Commonwealth has a proven track record of success with large-scale contract warehousing operations. White page studies are available as well as references who can vouch for the fact Commonwealth is the right choice.