Paper & Packaging

Expertise in paper and packaging

The paper and packaging industries are two of Commonwealth’s most familiar industries. In fact, one of our first clients was a corrugated packaging company. Whether it's roll stock, containerboard, pulp, or recycled paper Commonwealth knows how to properly store and handle it.

Experts in Paper and Packaging

Our team has experience with many different types of paper and packaging products including:

  • Roll Stock Paper
  • Corrugated Paper
  • Paper Pulp in Bales
  • Cut Sheet Carton Stock
  • Newsprint
  • Containerboard
  • Linerboard
  • Recycled Paper
  • Coated & Uncoated Fine Paper

Forklift inside our paper and packaging warehouse near Cincinnati, OHRollstock paper inside our paper and packaging warehouse near Cincinnati, OHCorrugated bundles inside our paper and packaging warehouse near Cincinnati, OH

Fork Trucks with 15,000-lb Lift Capacity

Commonwealth has the correct equipment to handle your paper and packaging goods. We operate heavy duty fork trucks with lift capacity up to 15,000 lbs. We also have fork trucks equipped with specialized attachments to safely handle your freight. Being experienced and having the right equipment helps reduce damage and increases efficiency. Our team is experienced operating fork trucks with various material handling attachments including extended forks, paper roll clamp, carton squeeze clamp, bale clamp, and slip sheet (push / pull).

Rail and Short Line Service

Our paper and packaging warehouses are rail-served by either CSX or our local short line provider IORY giving us great transloading options. Each warehouse features high ceilings for maximum storage capacity for products that stack. These warehouses are considered food-grade facilities. They maintain high sanitation standards and in-depth pest control programs to comply with FDA, ASI, and US Military requirements. Our quality team has implemented a detailed HAACP program to manage potential hazards and control points for food grade materials.

 Rail car transload inside our paper and packaging warehouse near Cincinnati, OH

Rail served warehouse near Fairfield, OH Rail served warehouse near Cincinnati, OH

Emergency Coverage

We even provide 24/7/365 emergency coverage to time-critical clients. Commonwealth understands how costly a production line shutdown would be for your business. We guarantee availability and delivery capability after hours, on weekends, and even holidays for a simple flat fee. You can rely on us to have you covered in the event of an emergency.