Rail Service

Active CSX and IORY rail sidings

Cincinnati is home to one of the largest rail yards in the United States. CSXT and NS operate over 70 miles of track within a 5-mile stretch on the west side of Cincinnati. Local short lines interchanging with CN are also operated by a short line provider, Genesee & Wyoming (G&W). The convergence of three different Class 1 railroads makes Cincinnati a great option for rail freight.

Expertise in Rail Transloading

Commonwealth is a CSXT Premiere Provider as well as a registered Norfolk Southern Network Distribution Warehouse. We have an incredible amount of experience providing rail transloading services. At one point Commonwealth was the largest transloading customer for the former Indiana & Ohio Railroad before it merged with Rail America, now owned and operated by G&W.

Affordable Rail Service

Our primary rail transloading warehouse has active service from CSXT. The facility is equipped to handle three box cars with daily switch capability. Our secondary site is served by the local IORY short line operated by G&W. The facility is equipped to handle two box cars with daily switch capability. Both are located just a few miles from the main rail yard making car switching easy and affordable.

Commonwealth has the equipment and experience necessary to transload freight from a rail car. We operate heavy-duty material handling equipment with a variety of attachments including forks, paper roll clamps, squeeze clamps, and even carpet pole attachments allowing us to handle just about anything. Our rail docks are insulated and curtained allowing us to transload in any weather condition.

Examples of commodities we have unloaded include:

  • Paper Roll Stock
  • Paper Pulp
  • Recycled Paper
  • Lumber & Forestry Products
  • Steel Plate & Ingots
  • Chemicals & Resins
  • Roofing Materials
  • Beverages & Canned Goods
  • Super Sacks