Equipped to handle your industrial warehousing needs

Commonwealth can handle large industrial products with ease. We operate heavy duty fork trucks with lift capacity up to 15,000 LBS. We also have fork trucks equipped with specialized attachments to safely handle your freight. Being experienced and having the right equipment helps reduce damage and increases efficiency. Our team is experienced operating fork trucks equipped with extended forks, paper roll clamp, carton squeeze clamp, bale clamp, and slip sheet (Push / Pull) attachments.


Capabilities for Large Industrial Needs

Need to store and ship something even larger? No problem. Our Fairfield facility is equipped with a full drive-through lane for easy flatbed access. Oversize loads can be unloaded using our 50-ton overhead bridge crane and kept in our secure crane storage area. All our Fairfield warehousemen are authorized to operate the 50-ton overhead bridge crane by an independent 3rd party company specialized in crane certification training.





Below are some examples of over-sized industrial equipment we have successfully transloaded:

Military engines

Heavy-duty gearing

Industrial test chambers



We've also successfully trans-loaded over-sized food processing machinery, 9' x 14', modular bathroom units, and stainless steel tanks to name a few. If you've got a big job don't call an overpriced rigging company, give Commonwealth Inc. a call.